Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Couples living together before marriage and having children is no longer regarded as living in sin.

The Church of England declared that, couples who live together and have children without a wedding, will no longer be regarded as living in sin.They have created services in which they will be able to marry and baptise their children at the same time .

It encourages those cohabiting couples to come to church to solemnize their weddings and at the same time to baptize their children.

Because of the previous judgmental views of the church , many of the people from the congregations were forced to leave the church .There were no avenues for them to return except to repent and many chose to stay out or 'live in sin .'

There is a high proportion of people who live together without registering their marriages or having a wedding at the church.This could be due to the lengthy and expensive divorce proceedings.By cohabiting , they could leave anytime without the hassle of going to court.

This is a major milestone in the Christian history as the church is always officially against the concept of sex before marriage . Not all churches are strict on this rule but the general opinion is that it is frowned upon and considered a sin by those elders of the church or those hardline believers.

This new change in its policy means that the church has accepted the notion that sex before marriage is an accepted fact of life in today's modern society.To pretend that it does not exist is like the ostrich hiding it's head in the sand.

In the present era, many youths in those developed countries are involved in premarital sex and finding those virgin ones is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

In time , the church congregations may shrink and dwindle as those who committed those sexual sins are rejected because of that doctrine.Someday the church may go extinct like those dinosaurs.

Do you accept and agree with the Church of England's new policy ?

Religion is a contentious issue and there are always two sides of a coin.There will be critics of this new policy and others who would not agree with their new outlook.

I welcome this new policy and it only shows that we have come to terms with the new way of life in this century.

We have all fallen short and have sinned before God. Why highlight certain sins when no one is ever righteous on this Earth? A small sin or a big sin is still a sin in the eyes of God.

Let those without sin cast the first stone....

It is by His grace that we are all saved.

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    1. wow! Abomination is what inspires you. Read Ezekial 8. We cannot condone sin, we have to reprove it. These are opposing views. the latter is God's view. Jesus did not die so that we can keep on sinning and approving and enjoying it.

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