Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Christian faith-healing clinic

Two pastors have opened a faith healing clinic in New Zealand using "aggressive" prayer techniques based on the teachings of Canadian evangelist John Lake.
I do not know what they mean by aggressive prayer? You can Google the name ,'John Lake,' to read his auto biography .

They are offering to cure cancer, broken bones,stroke paralysis,dyslexia mental illness and even AIDs, Leukemia, Migraines, tumors, through prayer.

The patients were not charged and were counseled not to stop their regular medical treatment. They do not have to convert to Christianity or be a believer.

Not everyone who goes for healing will get healed. God works in mysterious ways. We do not know why some people are healed and others are not. Some may attribute it to sin or unforgiveness.

Some of those people are terminal and have no hope of being cured by medical treatments . It is a miracle when these people are healed and the doctors cannot explain.

There are some who are healed but later returned back to their original state. Again , there is no explanation.

There are skeptics who think it is quackery but since no money is involved, they should see the results of the healings.

If people are really healed , God is at work and praise Him for His works.

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  1. As an althernate Christian method for curing cancer that complements the medical approach (fills in the gaps where the medical approach has no answers) see The Cancer Cure Experiment (


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