Thursday, July 9, 2009

When others make jokes or insult Christianity, how do you respond?

You cannot avoid it totally and there are times when you will have to choose to response appropriately to the challenge. You could laugh at the jokes and insults ,correct the misconceptions of his perspective or choose to ignore it and walk away. It depends on the circumstances and whom you are dealing with.

If you cannot get any distance with that person , it is best to change the subject and leave it to God to change that person.It is not time yet for him to know God. You are like planting the seed in his ground and someone will water for the seed to germinate.

Everyone is unique and do not think alike.We cannot expect others to think like us or accept our perspective in toto.We should be reasonable and rational and if we want people to respect us , we should respect others first.

You can be astonished that those who insult or criticized Christians have a fair knowledge about the religion. Christians are not perfect people and they do make mistakes. It is wrong to think that as a Christian we are superior to others or adopt such kind of attitude. There are good and bad Christians .

There is a big difference between insults against Christians and insults against God,His son,Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. You can insult Christians and all can be forgiven but if you blaspheme against God , that is unforgivable. You are dealing with something which you do not understand and you will learn that it is an unwise thing to do.

It is best not to joke or insult any religion. It is a very sensitive subject and their God is sacred . It can be offensive and some people are overtly sensitive and sometimes bothering on the fanatical or extremist side. It is no joking matter.

If you go into a house and the owner does not receive you , leave and shake off the dust from your feet. Go to those houses which openly welcomes you . They are ready to receive the Good News.

Reference and thanks to :-

A Christian Sense of Humor
by Holly Vicente Robaina

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